The story is nothing new. We were a couple of 9-5ers who traded in our stilettos for slippers after the births of our beautiful baby girls. While we were content to settle into our new roles as moms, we WEREN'T willing to settle for boring baby gear. We found the quest easier said than done. Fortunately we were no stranger to the sewing machine so we immediately got to work (well, IMMEDIATELY might be the wrong word - I think we first had to get used to our new tenants :).

All our zany ideas have been tested on our toughest clients and what you see in our shop are the best of the best. While some of what you see on our site may seem like things you can find in department stores, know that we have tweaked our handmade designs to best serve our needs - and hopefully yours too!

Looking for something specific? Please contact us with your idea and we'll work together to make the perfect unique gift for your playful peanut!

Thanks for stopping by!