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Snack Bag

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Snack Bag
Snack Bag
Snack Bag
Snack Bag

All of our Playful Peanut zippered snack bags are handmade in Canada by us! 

Here's the scoop on sizes:
-The large measures just over 6 by 6 making it big enough to fit an average-sized sandwich.
-The small is just over 4 by 6 which is plenty big for any extra snacks you want to eat on the go.
-The long is just over 3 by 9. It's our newest addition and works great for long items like cutlery or even toothbrushes!
-The extra large measures 6x9 and can be used for everything from makeup to pencils to bananas!

All of our bags are safe and well-designed:
-The outside is made of designer cotton, while the inside is a water-resistant polyurethane coated nylon. In our research, this is what we are most confident using with our own children's food.
-All seams are hidden inside to avoid being crumb-catchers.
-ALL our snack-loc bags are free of BPA, lead and phthalates.
-The top has a zipper that keeps your food fresh until you’re ready to eat it (and we ONLY use Made in the USA YKK zippers which are CPSIA compliant). 

Best of all, they are easy to care for:
-To clean, simply wipe the inside or rinse the inside liner and leave to dry. For bigger messes you can toss the bags into the washing machine (they can be dried in the dryer though we do recommend hanging them to dry to help prolong your snack-loc bag's life).

This listing allows you to choose either a SMALL (4x6), LARGE (6x6), LONG (3x9) or EXTRA LARGE (6x9). Any questions? Please drop us a line!

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