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Elastic Snap Toddler Belt

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Elastic Snap Toddler Belt

Elastic snap toddler belts help prevent droopy drawers for your peanut! 

If you're looking for an easy way to cinch the waist of your peanut's pants to get a better fit, our elastic snap toddler belts are the answer. They fit through the back 3 belt loops of your peanut's pants to cinch in the waist for a better fit.

Our belts work best for ages 6 months to 6 years. They are one size fits all because they are adjustable to 3 different sizes. Since the belt fits around the back, there is no need to remove them for diaper changing or potty training. Our belts are available in a variety of colours.

We use strong, plastic KAM snaps in the construction of our belts. They are made from a high quality 1" elastic to stand the test of time. Belts will last longer if they are kept out of the washer and dryer, but the occasional trip through won't ruin them. 

No belt loops? No problem! Clips can be added to your belt order to make your snap belt work without belt loops, or we also offer elastic cinch belts that only use clips to easily attach to your peanut's waistband. 

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